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Dan Tokheim graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stout with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology.  He is a Senior Member of ASQ and holds the following Certifications: CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA, CBA, CHA.


Before starting his own company he worked for such reputable organizations such as 3M, Imation, Pent Air, Phillips Plastics, Boston Scientific and Tapemark. He has worked on a diverse range of products from optical media to class III medical devices and pharmaceutical products. He also can offer unique perspectives having worked in both OEM and Contract Manufacturing Environments. 


Dan learned early on in his career that manufacturing success begins with a systematic approach to developing and manufacturing goods and services.  It is this realization that focuses his company on helping you develop quality systems based on your intended market, audit your facilities or suppliers, and provide quality engineering services.


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