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3D Printing

In this day and age time has become ever more important, with our 3D printing services you can drastically reduce lead time from 3D model to functional prototype. In most cases, prints can be printed and shipped within a 2 day window. We offer two types of 3D printing technologies that cover a wide range of details or sizes, for example our SLA (Stereolithography) Printer is capable of .025mm layer heights, for super detailed prints. Get a quote within hours by contacting us today, being the experts we are; we can also give you a design review of your models to figure out what geometries work the best and what material and printing type would work best for your project.


Fused Deposition modeling printing also known as FDM 3D printing can be a great alternative to SLA 3D printing, where details do not have to be as detailed. Large models can be printed cheaply, and structurally. FDM 3D prints usually start at a detail of .1mm layer heights and can go up to .28mm layer heights for faster less detailed prints. FDM 3D printing allows for a large variety of materials to choose from. We currently offer PETG, and PLA+, with material choice also comes with color choice, it is possible to have any color imaginable. Our size constraints with our FDM 3D printers are as follows: 235mm x 235mm x 250mm.


SLA 3D printing also mentioned above is a great way to get highly detailed prototypes. We currently use Form Lab 3D printers for our SLA prints. This ensures a high quality and reliable print. There are a ton of different resins that can be used with this type of technology, which can offer dental and medical grade resins for 3D printing. Our size constraints with our SLA 3D printers are as follows: 145mm x 145mm x 175mm.


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